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Virtual team building events are now available!

Interested in a group tour or other private culinary event or activity?

Let our award-winning event planning team develop customized creative events and programs designed especially to satisfy the needs of your group.

We work in cooperation with sister company, 4Lobe Events, in order to bring to you a wide range of activities that can take place throughout Indianapolis.

In just seven years of operations, we have worked with thousands of clients, from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, and can handle groups of well over 1000 people.

Our company focus pertaining to group and private events activities involves a focus on the development and execution of creative, unforgettable events.

At all times we maintain our highest standards of professionalism, organization and customer service. Resultantly, your group is able to enjoy unique, exciting offerings.

Popular activities

We have a library of activities to choose from and are happy to suggest something based on your particular needs, schedule, and budget. We can also adapt any of our tours, events, and activities to create the best fit for you and your guests.

creator of the culinary challenge

We are the proud originator of the Culinary Challenge, one of our signature culinary team building events developed nearly a decade ago. We now offer over 30 variations of the Culinary Challenge, with something for every group. Learn more about the Culinary Challenge below.

Virtual Events

We now offer a variety of virtual events to offer additional options during the covid-19 pandemic. Select options are below!

Choose from the following events, contact us by email at, or by phone at 317-245-8135 for more options:

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On any group event, team building activity or other private event

For any additional information about our food tours and culinary events and activities, either call us at 317-245-8135, email us at, or fill out the form below. A member of our event staff will reply to any inquiry 7 days a week.

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Food Tours

Our original event, and still extremely popular for individuals and groups, is our food tour. The Food Tour is neighborhood based for those who want to walk, multi-neighborhood if your group wants to tour by motorcoach.

We offer food tours in any of the historic areas, including Mass Ave, Fountain Square, Fletcher Place, the Wholesale District, Broad Ripple, Zionsville, Carmel, Fishers, and more.

Food Tours can be run for groups of 4-300+, and can be run in several neighborhoods at the same time, a popular option for large groups.

culinary challenge pic
  • WHO: Groups of all sizes
  • ENJOY: 3-5 stops at local establishments. Can be a combination of sit down a
  • WHEN: year round, typically during the day
  • WHERE: throughout the city
  • ADD: alcohol pairings, transportation, accomodations

Dine Arounds

A Dine Around is a more formal, typically high-end version of a Food Tour that can be customized based on start time, length, restaurants, dishes, budgets and areas. The multiple hour activities provide a great alternative to a dinner as it incorporates a group activity within the meal.

A Dine Around can be combined with a reception, team building activity, or nearly any other event. Groups may be able to partake in hands-on interactions with chefs and culinary masters that are not always possible during standard Food Tours.

culinary challenge pic

Culinary Challenge

virtual event now available

One of our most popular events, especially for corporate groups is our series of Culinary Challenge events. Our Culinary Challenge events are a group of interactive team building activities created especially to combine innovation, creativity, and teamwork in a competitive, yet fun environment.

In our signature event, the 'Iron Chef' inspired Culinary Challenge, groups are broken down into smaller teams, where members are assigned roles and collaborate to create and present a signature dish to a hungry panel of judges using the secret ingredient and a limited stock of fresh herbs, vegetables, starches, and proteins.

culinary challenge pic

Special Events

various virtual events are now available

Our corporate events provide your group with the same excellence you have come to expect in our culinary tours, now on a much greater more in-depth scope.

Our customizable corporate and group events and activities with offer a high level of creativity, attention to detail, and value to give you the most for your budget.

We can create custom web pages, graphics, paper and e-ticketing, and marketing to make your events the best possible, and keep you focused at what you do best.

special events pic

Team Building

virtual events are now available

All of our events, tours, and other activities either have been developed specifically as team building events, or can be customized to incorporate various elements of interest.

If you have an idea for a concept or event you want executed, our award-winning creative team will help turn your idea into a reality.

We can also give you examples of events that have been created for specific client needs that we will modify for your group. We can turn around most ideas into events within a few days based on your needs.

Team Building pic

cooking class

virtual events now available

With help from local chefs and mixologists, we run a variety of cooking classes at venues throughout the greater Indianapolis area.

Regardless of the style, technique, and difficulty level, each cooking class we offer will allow guests to create a meal, dish, drink, or dessert under the direction of a local chef.

Whether your guests want to understand Italian or Vietnamese cooking, create a multi course meal with family or friends, or use traditional French techniques, we have something for everyone. Our cooking classes can be for small and large groups alike, and offer specialized options for large group and corporate events.

Cooking class pic

Full/Multi-Day Motorcoach Tours

Enjoy experiential culinary single and multi day tours where you visit areas in and around Indianapolis and much of Indiana in order to get a look at the region's culture and cuisine.

Meet passionate artisans, hard-working farmers, craftsman while taking in the sites and sounds of Indianapolis and central Indiana cities such as Columbus, Nashville, and Bloomington.

Putting together a multi-day itinerary in the area? Let our event planners help you fill your itinerary, procure step on guides and liaisons, or help plan the entire trip.

motorcoach tours pic
  • WHO:Groups of 17-53 per coach, family reunions, friends, corporate, etc.
  • ENJOY:In-depth food and drink experiences
  • WHEN:Throughout the year
  • WHERE:Towns, cities, sites throughout Indiana
  • ADD:Themes, specific sites, technical or educational aspects and much more

Bar and Pub Crawls

Let us do the driving and planning and enjoy an Indianapolis bar or pub crawl with us. Our bar and pub crawls combine historic, cultural tours with stops either throughout the city or within a specific neighborhood.

Throughout the Crawl, our guides will challenge guests' knowledge by providing different trivia and games, providing the opportunity to win free shots and prizes.

Additionally, we offer a variety of artisanal crawls, which give an in-depth look at beer, wine, or spirits, taking you to through the creation process to the final product, letting you explore the flavors and intricacies of the libation.

motorcoach tours pic

Educational/student tours

We believe on a hands-on, experiential approach when crafting and running our custom student and educational tours.

We pride ourselves in the ability to engage younger audiences by providing a hands-on educational experience that can be crafted to fit within nearly any time and schedule constraints.

Our tour development staff can work with different themes and educational goals in order to create the ideal educational tour for your group. We have options at a number of price points to make our tours available for nearly any group.

motorcoach tours pic

wedding activities

Wedding planning is something that can quickly become a daunting task - so much more has to be done beyond the one special day. Our team is here to help bear that burden for you, so you can enjoy the moment with nothing to fear.

We can assist you with nearly every step of the process; from venue selection to rehearsal dinners, bachelor(ette) parties to full weekend itineraries.

We can assist you with neighborhood selection, themes, giveaways, party favors, itineraries, and anything else to set up an ideal bachelor or bachelorette party.

wedding events pic

culinary scavenger hunt

The culinary scavenger hunt is an ideal team building activity that can be altered to work well for both corporate and private groups interested in a cost effective way to experience a neighborhood or a city.

Groups are broken down into smaller teams who search for historic, culinary, cultural and architectural items within a specific area. Our event managers proctor the activity, and provide background prior to the event, and support throughout.

The scavenger hunt can be designed to provide food and drink throughout, or samplings during the event with a meal or reception afterwards.

motorcoach tours pic
  • WHO: Corporate and private groups small and large
  • ENJOY: Custom variety of tastes, samples, small plates, drinks
  • WHEN: daytime and evening options throughout the year
  • WHERE: indoors or outdoors or a combination
  • ADD: full meal, happy hour, reception or more
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