Indianapolis Progressive dinner

a multi-restaurant dining experience, featuring appetizer, main course and desserts from different establishments

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How it works

Groups are brought to 2-4 different restaurants in a particular neighborhood or series of neighborhoods in order to enjoy a different dining experience within the meal at each stop. This can be done in nearly any part of town any time throughout the day.

Good for groups of all sizes

Our Indianapolis progressive dinner is an ideal choice for both large and small groups, as we can add restaurants, themes, and other concepts to accommodate even the most particular groups.

additional choices for larger groups

We can set up a variety of themes for progressive dinners, offering individuals within groups the option to choose the style they like best. Groups can choose to finish the progressive dinner with a reception, happy hour, team building activity, cooking class, and much more.

if you are interested in a Dine Around rather than a Progressive Dinner, click here!

For more information on our Progressive Dinner, please contact us at or by phone at 317-245-8135, and a member of our event team will get back to you within one business day. If you require an immediate response, please let us know.

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